Managing raw CSS itself is a tedious job to do. You must have felt while writing code that CSS itself is not very function. You have to repeat your codes again and again. Moreover if you try to change a line of code used in 10 Places, Then you have to replace it by yourself, which is also painful job to do. On that point CSS Preprocessor like LESS and SASS joins the party.

CSS Preprocessors help you to manage your your css codes more dynamically. They offer few functionalities like Variables, Mixins, Custom Functions, Imports which helps you to gain control over your css. But using LESS and SASS requires some command line knowledge to operate their operations, moreover you may sometimes need to install Some Packages like Node.js and Ruby to use sass and less. Which is also painful for some peoples.

In this article i will introduce you guys with the 5 best CSS Perpocessor apps which you can use to Process your LESS and SASS files. Which will make you SASS and LESS file maintenance more automated and easy for you. Some of them are paid , and some of them are free. But one thing i am sure they will boost your productivity. So Lets Start.


01. Prepros




Prepros is a corss-platform app which you can use to process you SASS and LESS file. Besides Prepros provide so many useful features like, css minify, js minify , Compress image size, Live-reload and many more. Its a premium app which you can buy for $29 Dollar. Besides it also provide a trail version which you can use for unlimited times, Their is no major Difference between the premium version and the trial version. But the trial version show some pop-up message to buy a license. You will definitely love this tool. Here at ThemeBite we you Prepros to manage our LESS and SASS project. So its a good recommendation from Us.


02. CodeKit


codekit app


CodeKit is a tool for web developers to run so many tasks. Processing LESS and SASS files are one of them. This app is basically for mac only and will cost you $32 dollar. But i must say its a good one like prepros. You can try it for 30 Day, But i can guarantee that you will love it and buy a license 🙂 You can know more details about it here.


03. Koala


Koala App


Koala is a simple but nice free app. Compiling LESS and SASS file is its soul purpose . Its a lovely simple app which run quice fast, and it also shows slide in messages everytime you compile any less or sass files. Besides it also shows helpful messages if any occurs while compiling the file. And the app is cross-platform and absolutely free for everyone.


04. WinLess



WinLess is a windows only app which can compile less files, Its a popular one. Because its have a very simple UI and and its specially for compiling less files its mostly used by the people who use less in their projects. Overall you will love this app if you only work with LESS files. Then its a must try for you.




compass app is a popular one. Its a stylesheet authoring framework that makes your stylesheets and markup easier to build and maintain. And its a toolbar based app. Which means you can only use it from your toolbar or status bar, Its a cross platform app, you can download it from their Github repo.


That’s all for today guys, I hope this post was helpful. Let me know if you have any other Apps in your favorite list or any app that you think missed the list, I will be happy to hear from you. Please comment and do share if you think this post is helpful.


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